Work of Heart and Steel: From One Generation to the Next

Phil Larochelle Equipment Inc. is a Quebec-based family-owned company that traces its roots back to 1932. It was then that Louis Philippe Larochelle, an electrician by trade, along with his father, pioneered the family business under the name of Garage Larochelle et Fils Enr. The firm started out specializing in electric services, auto repair as well as a horse trading company.

Over the next 50 years, the company would shift to truck repair and distribution of dump bodies and hydraulic hoists.

It was in 1956 that Louis Philippe Larochelle founded the present company under its name of Phil Larochelle Équipement Inc., which would specialize in equipment manufacturing and truck part distribution. In the same year, Louis Philippe married Mignonne Plamondon who would become the company’s co-founder and linchpin.

The next few years were marked by company growth and the development of numerous products sold under the “Larochelle” trademark. Among other accomplishments, the firm became the first to manufacture in the Quebec province the all-steel dump body designed for heavy road construction and later the “V-box” hopper spreader designed for winter maintenance. Similarly, the Larochelle semi-dump trailer appeared for the first time in the 70’s. Just like Larochelle’s snow & ice control equipment, this innovative product would greatly contribute to the growth and notoriety that the company enjoys today.

The founder’s son, Mr. Bernard Larochelle, having grown up and participated in the company, took over ownership in 1977. At the same time, the company experienced the highest level of growth in its history, which paved the way for Phil Larochelle Équipement inc. to become the industry leader in Canada and the United States. President and CEO, Bernard Larochelle now works with a solid third-generation team whose efforts ensure the company’s continuity as it moves into the next chapter of history.

The company’s dedication to innovation, long-term vision, and an unfailing commitment to its clients, passed on from generation to generation, now make Phil Larochelle Équipement Inc. a firm rich in experience and expertise and, one that today, more than ever, is constantly striving to break new ground towards progress.

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