Product Description

Available in 4 models (2 tandems and 2 tri-axles), LAROCHELLE “M-Series” Ultra-Stable semi-dump trailers are renowned for their robustness and legendary stability. LAROCHELLE was the first manufacturer to introduce hybrid quarter-frame dump trailers to Canada 48 years ago and our design is still unmatched by the competition to this day.

Developed entirely by LAROCHELLE’s team of designers and engineers, the “M-Series” will be your number one tool for all your excavation and hauling needs. Whether it be to haul large boulders or aggregates of all sorts (rocks, sand, snow or even solid debris or liquid waste), your Ultra-Stable trailer can handle it all!

Thanks to its superior trailering capabilities and equal weight distribution across all axles during the entire dumping cycle, the stability of a LAROCHELLE trailer is simply unequaled in the industry. Your operators will not want to drive anything else!

LAROCHELLE trailers are always in high demand so they attract exceptional resale value.  We can state with confidence that a LAROCHELLE trailer is an investment rather than an expense in your fleet.

Product Benefits
  • Legendary trailering and dumping stability
  • Exceptional handling and Comfort
  • Only the highest quality components sourced from reputable North-American manufacturers (Parker, Ridewell, Holland, etc.)
  • Designed to minimize and facilitate maintenance throughout it’s life cycle reducing your total cost of ownership.
  • Extra wide flat floor section for easy access with a loader bucket and transportation of work site equipment and materials
  • The highest resale value in the industry!
Diverses options dipsonibles sur nos semi-remorques
Semi-remorque 2 essieux
Popular options
  • High lift Tailgate « PowerGate » or barn door style tailgate
  • Different 450 grade steel floor thicknesses
  • Variety of available tarp systems
  • Raised body indicator systems
  • Box Vibrators and / or UHMW Polyethylene liners and inserts
  • Welded or removable spill pans
  • Inserts for snow hauling pannels and steel snow panels
  • Variety of wood or steel side boards
  • Suspension load gauge
  • Calcium reservoir
  • Tailgate noise attenuators
  • Coal / Asphalt doors mounted in tailgate
  • Polished Aluminum wheels
  • Removable fifth wheel locking devices
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 41,500 Kg 41,500 Kg 47,500 Kg 49,500 Kg