All Season Side Dump Spreader Bodies (BER)

Available in lengths varying from 9 feet up to 14 feet, the LAROCHELLE All-Season Side Dump BER allows you to perform your winter spreading operations without sacrificing the advantages of a traditional dump body for summer use. It’s traditional rectangular shape maximizes load volumes and it’s hardened steel construction will be up to the task no matter what you need to haul.

A robust mobile floor system allows spreading materials to be directed to a conveyor running along the left side of the dump body onto a front left mounted spinner disk dispersing materials ahead of the rear axle(s) for increased traction. Simply flip the conveyor cover in place and you can convert the body from winter to summer mode in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to our unique, industry leading UNI-FORCE raised floor system, the moving floor action is always uniform from front to back without the need for additional components used by the competition such as flow dividers which require maintenance and can fail in the field causing important losses of productivity.

The BER’s front mounted motor, gear box and chain tensioning system allow for easy operator access and ease of maintenance ensuring the BER will be part of you fleet for a long time. Choose the gear that is right for you. Choose LAROCHELLE!

  • All-Season use
  • Maximum Hauling volume in both summer and winter
  • Front left spreading for improved traction
  • Superior quality design and fabrication compared to the competition
  • Improved security thanks to it’s outer fixed wall preventing access to the raised floor area during operation
  • UNI-FORCE raised floor synchronisation eliminating the need for additional hydraulic components used by the competition
  • Easily accessible body sub-structure for ease of cleaning and reduced corrosion
  • Easily accessible front mounted conveyor components (Motor, gearbox, tension adjustment)
  • Barn door style tailgate
  • Top Screens
  • Multiple Tarp systems (Manual, Electric or Pneumatic)
  • Raised body detection system
  • Centralized greasing panel
  • 600 litres modular pre-wet system
  • Visual raised floor indicator
  • Removable Asphalt spill pan
  • Variety of available side boards
  • Inserts for snow hauling panels and removable steel snow hauling panels
  • Noise Attenuation system for tailgate
  • Coal door(s) in tailgate
  • Etc.
MODEL BER0927 BER1027 BER1127 BER1227 BER1339 BER1439
Outside Body Length 125″ 137″ 149″ 161″ 173″ 185″
Inside Body Length 108″ 120″ 132″ 144″ 156″ 168″
Inside Width 87″ 87″ 87″ 87″ 87″ 87″
Side Panel Height 27″ 27″ 27″ 27″ 39″ 39″
Tailgate and Front Panel Height 39″ 39″ 39″ 39″ 51″ 51″
Capacity (Water Level) 5.2 cu. yds. 5.8 cu. yds. 6.4 cu. yds. 7.1 cu. yds. 11.1 cu. yds. 11.8 cu. yds.
Capacity with Side Boards 6.5 cu. yds. 7.2 cu. yds. 7.9 cu. yds. 8.6 cu. yds. 12.7 cu. yds. 13.1 cu. yds.
Recommended C.A. 84″ single Axle 96″ single Axle 102″ single Axle 108″ single Axle 108″ Tandem 120″ Tandem

* Other models and options available upon request