In 1964, Phil Larochelle Équipement Inc, was the first manufacturer to introduce frame mounted V-Hoppers to the province of Quebec. Available in capacities ranging from 7 cubic yards to 14 cubic yards, the LAROCHELLE family of V-Hoppers remains the benchmark in V-Hopper quality to this day.

Whether you are looking for a fixed frame mounted unit, a dumping V-Hopper with tailgate for easy unloading of materials or a Unit adapted to rapid interchange systems such as the LAROCHELLE SIR-100, we have a solution for your application. Our V-Hopper spreaders are available in the traditional external brace design (carbon steel) or in a braceless elliptical design (carbon or stainless steel) with multiple spreading configurations:

  • Front discharge (left, right, central or simultaneous left and right)
  • Rear discharge (left, right, central or simultaneous left and right)

When it come to pre-wetting capabilities, a modular system ranging from 200 litres to 1200 litres is available using the same components as the BTU product family. Other compatible components across product lines include cross conveyors and chain components allowing customers to minimize the number of spare parts needed across their entire fleet. As with other LAROCHELLE products, ease of maintenance and cleaning are central design elements. Choose the gear that is right for you. Choose LAROCHELLE!

Épandeur à épées
Épandeur elliptique fixe au châssis
Épandeur avec cylindre dompeur et porte arrière
Épandeur avec cylindre dompeur et porte arrière
Épandeur avec cylindre dompeur et porte arrière
Épandeur avec cylindre dompeur et porte arrière
Épandeur à épées
Product Benefits
  • Multiples spreading configurations with minimal moving parts
  • Lighter than all-season spreader bodies
  • Designed for lower center of gravity and better truck handling than competing products
  • Improved driver visibility towards rear of truck thanks to it’s elliptical design
  • Modular pre-wet system so liquid capacities can be tailored to each application.
  • Open fender design facilitates cleaning
  • Heavy Duty conveyor chain and sprockets that outlast the competition
Popular Options
  • Multiple cross conveyor options
  • Tailgate versions for easy material discharge
  • Top Screens
  • Modular pre-wet system
  • Front and / or rear cab shields
  • Adjustable flip up spinners for easy storage
  • Inverted V deflector to reduce load on longitudinal conveyor
  • Heated wall configurations
  • Spreader mode selectable from inside truck cab
  • Carbon or stainless steel construction
Capacity 7 cu. yds. 9 cu. yds. 12 cu. yds. 14 cu. yds,
Truck Application Single Axle Single Axle Tandem Tandem
Recommended C.A. 84″ 102″ à 108″ 102″ à 108″ 120″ à 132″
Hopper Length 120″ 144″ 168″ 192″
Overall Length 132″ 156″ 180″ 204″
Hopper Width 99″ 99″ 99″ 99″
Overall Height 65″ 65″ 65″ 65″

* DC : Dual Conveyor (Left, Right or Simultaneous discharge)
* SC : Single Conveyor (Center or Rear Discharge)
* SC : Also available in Slide-In Version (Dump Body Insert)