All Season Elliptical Spreader Bodies (BTU)

Available in lengths varying from 10 feet up to 20 feet, the LAROCHELLE BTU U-Body Spreader is an all-season dump body optimized for winter sanding / salting operations. It’s elliptical shape directs materials towards a center mounted longitudinal conveyor without the additional weight and mechanical components of side dump spreaders. The BTU offers a wide variety of spreading configurations ahead of the rear axle(s) improving traction in difficult conditions. Capable of left or right hand spreading, central spreading or simultaneous left and right spreading, the BTU will be able to meet the challenge of your specific application.

In terms of pre-wet capabilities, the BTU’s modular solution allows for liquid capacities ranging from 200 litres up to 1200 litres under the body’s fenders and up to 3200 litres when using front mounted auxiliary liquid tanks.

Thanks to it’s Hardened 450 steel construction and removable conveyor cover plate, the BTU can be instantly converted to summer mode for your most demanding hauling applications.

Design with ease of maintenance in mind, it’s open fender design facilitates washing and clean up for increased durability and less corrosion in areas that are subject to road spray. Choose the gear that is right for you. Choose LAROCHELLE!

Product Benefits
  • Multiple spreading configurations with minimal moving parts
  • Modular pre-wet system to suit your application
  • Improved driver visibility towards rear of truck thanks to it’s elliptical design
  • Hardened 450 steel construction for HD hauling
  • Open fender design facilitates cleaning
  • Heavy Duty conveyor chain and sprockets that outlast the competition
Popular options
  • Multiple cross conveyor options
  • Barn door style tailgate
  • Top Screens
  • Multiple Tarp systems (Manual, Electric or Pneumatic)
  • Raised body detection system
  • Centralized greasing panel
  • Modular pre-wet system
  • Removable Asphalt spill pan
  • Variety of available side boards
  • Inserts for snow hauling panels and removable steel snow hauling panels
  • Noise Attenuation system for tailgate
  • Coal door(s) in tailgate
  • Etc.
MODEL BTU1036 BTU1342 BTU1442 BTU1448
Outside Body Length 144 1/2″ 180 1/2″ 192 1/2″ 192 1/2″
Inside Body Length 120″ 156″ 168″ 168″
Inside Width 88″ 88″ 88″ 88″
Outside Width 99″ 99″ 99″ 99″
Side Panel Height 36″ 42″ 42″ 48″
Front Panel Height 54″ 54″ 54″ 54″
Tailgate Panel Height 48″ 54″ 54″ 54″
Capacity (Water Level) 6.64 cu. yds. 10.4 cu. yds. 11.9 cu. yds. 13.1 cu. yds.
Capacity with Side Boards 8.0 cu. yds. 12.1 cu. yds. 13.1 cu. yds. 15.0 cu. yds.
Recommended C.A. 96″ C.A. 108″ C.T. 120″ C.T. 120″ C.T.

* Other models and options available upon request