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Plowing and excavation is more than a job for you. It is your lively hood! You are proud of the business you have built and your gear must represent your company’s image at all times. Just like you, LAROCHELLE is a third generation family owned business that has been working hard since 1956 to stand out from it’s competition. We understand your reality!

Days in the field can be long and hard. You need gear that is reliable and backed by a partner of confidence. At LAROCHELLE there are no small customers. We offer the same personalized service to every customer no matter the size or budget because our goal is to grow with you. 

Our products stand out from the competition in terms of quality and fit and finish. Purchasing a LAROCHELLE Trailer or plow truck might cost a bit more money initially but the additional investment will more than pay for itself in the long run. Our products are always in high demand ensuring the highest resale value in the industry.  

You would not believe how many customers make a purchase decision based solely on price only to come back to see us a year later to switch over to LAROCHELLE.  Make the right choice from the start. Choose Quality. Choose LAROCHELLE!