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Your mandate is to provide efficient public works services to your population with a limited budget? You must ensure the safety of both citizens and infrastructure with limited resources and you cannot be an expert in every field. LAROCHELLE is the partner you need! Thanks to extensive knowledge and understanding of best practices around snow and ice management, we can help you select the equipment you need and propose operational solutions that will allow you to provide the services your constituents expect.

Moreover, our customer service technicians, our trainers, and our product performance guarantee will ensure you will always be able to do your job under the most demanding conditions. Whether it be through our vast network of distributors and service centers or directly through LAROCHELLE, we can ensure a high availability of replacement parts that usually ship within 24 hours of order placement. 

Finally, Our engineering team of designers and product specialists are there to adapt our equipment to your requirements in order to meet your operational conditions. It will be our pleasure to work with you to elaborate technical specifications that align to your operational environment.